Through our enabling environment both inside and outside, we provide a rich and varied curriculum based on children’s interests, which is unique to the cohort of children who are attending. We use a mix of approaches which include learning through play, adults supporting play through modelling and scaffolding learning as well as through guided learning opportunities. The experiences children have with us are all linked to the EYFS (Early years Foundation Stage) statutory framework which sets the standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five.

We offer a wide range of experiences for children to engage in such as Outdoor Learning, Forest school, Yoga, Cooking, Gardening and Pet care.



We are a setting that provides pre-school education for children aged 20 months up to 5 years and we offer high quality care in a welcoming, nurturing and safe learning environment for all local children and families, providing both indoor and outdoor learning.


RABBITS: 20 to 36 months

In our Rabbit Class we support children to learn through play and provide resources and activities based on children’s interests and next steps in learning. Children experience active and engaging songs and stories and have access to a range of sensory and physical experiences each week. Children begin to develop their independence by using our free-flow area, and also explore our various outdoor areas and experiences such as our mud kitchen, climbing logs and collecting eggs from our chickens.


HEDGEHOGS : 3 to 5 years old

In Hedgehog class we build children’s independence, confidence and creativity further by giving choices in our free-flow environment and opportunities such as: using real tools, using open ended resources and using a range of media and materials for creative exploration.  We use children’s current interests and next steps in learning to plan experiences which support their development, through purposeful play.  We have regular Forest sessions, where children can explore the natural world and learn to manage risks and be physically active. The children also participate in weekly cookery sessions and each afternoon the children come together for yoga, which supports their emotional well-being.


OWLS: 3 to 5 years old

Each day, children from our Hedgehog class come into Owl Class for small group activities. These activities are fun and interactive and support the development of: social skills, listening and attention, understanding and speaking as well as important pre-reading skills such as: awareness of rhyme, alliteration and leading onto segmenting the sounds in words. These adult-directed activities help to develop children’s confidence as they transition to primary school.



Rabbit Room
For children aged 20 – 24 months (1:3 ratio) 

  • Hourly rate = £5:80

  • Morning (9.15am to 11.45am) = £14.50

  • Lunch (11.45am to 12.45pm) = £5.80

  • Afternoon (12.45pm to 14.45pm) = £11.60

For children ages 2 - 3 year olds (1:4 ratio)

  • Hourly rate = £4:80

  • Morning (9.15am to 11.45am / 2.5 hrs)= £12.00

  • Lunch (11.45am to 12.45pm / 1 hour) = £4.80

  • Afternoon (12.45pm to 2.45pm / 2 hrs) = £9.60

  • All Day (9.15am to 2.45pm) = £26.40

Hedgehog and Owl Rooms

  • Hourly rate = £4.80

  • Morning (9am to 12pm / 3 hrs) = £14.40

  • Lunch (12pm to 1pm / 1 hour) = £4.80 

  • All Day (9am to 2.45pm / 5.75 hrs) = £27.60

Terms - Bills are sent out at the beginning of each term. Unfortunately, no allowance can be made for days absent from school. Sessions cancelled during the term of attendance must still be paid for. Notice must be given no later than 6 weeks before the start of a new term, places cancelled after this period remain liable for payment.


ALL children qualify for the Government Nursery Education Grant (NEG) funding. This provides up to 15 hours per week FREE funded childcare from the term after their 3rd birthday.

Thereafter, the hourly rate applies for any additional hours booked.

Some working families are also eligible for an extra 15 hours funding per week (up to 30 hours free in total)  You have to apply for this additional funding yourself on the childcare choices website:

We are also  registered to participate in the Two Year Old Funding Project, providing funding up to 15 hours per week for eligible 2 year olds. The criteria is subject to each family’s individual, domestic and financial situation. Check your eligibility on www.gov.uk free education and childcare for 2 year olds.